Desert sand used to replace 50% of the clinker

Desert sand used to replace 50% of the clinker


The first industrial trail of Nano cement production conducted at the cement plant in Dubai UAE. Binani Cement Factory produced 700 tonns of 3 classes of Nano cement (Nano cement 75, Nano cement 55, Nano cement 35), predominantly Nano cement 55, without any changes to the production line. The only things that were adjusted were gridning media and raw material mix. One of the main changes were 50% replacement of clinker with regualr desert sand. Product obtained is being tested for regular mechanical and physical parameters. Initial test results look excellent. Production cost savings amount to up to 60 AED per ton (16.33 USD) when producing Nano 35 (class 42.5) versus prodcution cost of regular OPC class 42.5. Savings in CO2 emissions - up to 70%.

Industrail Trial at KAZCHROM, Kazakhstan. May 2016

Industrial trial was conducted by Moscow IMET at one of the largest Kazakhstan ferrous alloy producers, including ferrous chrome. KAZCHROM requested industrial testing due to the need to utilize chrome containing slag which is a waste product of ferrous chrome production. The holding accumulated up to 2 million tons of chrome containing slag. Moscow IMET conducted the trail on the line of one of the subsidiaries of KAZCHROM - TOO "Lotos Actobe" to produce Nano 35, 55 and 75. Produced Nanocement was tested in concrete mixes with chrome containing slag. It demonstrated significant reduction of chrome concentration in concrete based on Nanocements. Needless to say all testing exceeded GOST requirements and expectation proving Nanocement to be an excellent material for containing toxic wastes.  

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