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Nanocement, is modified Portland cement particles that are covered with a nanoshell made of structured superplasticizer during the grinding of the clinker and fillers such as quartz sand, stone, stone wastes, slags and/or ashes.


Nano-additives are defined as the addition of nanoparticles to concrete plasticizer admixtures. This results in higher density, higher strength, lower porosity giving way to higher chemical resistance and, remarkably, greater finishability and workability (essentially the concrete flows better).


  • Reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2 , NO2, SO2) by 65%

  • Up to 70% clincker substitution with quartz sand, industrial waste, slag and/or ash

  •  Longer shelf life over 1 year

  • Strength of concrete increases by 20 - 30%

  • Plasticity of the concrete mixture improves by 25 - 30%

  • Overall Cement Savings per cubic meter of concrete




The valued team at Nanotek Materials researches, develops and commercializes eco-friendly technologies for the leaders in the construction industry, that maximizes the quality of cement and concretes while significantly reducing the world CO₂ emissions and minimizing production costs by using less material, water and electricity.

The production of cement results in 
5% of the world CO₂ emissions.

Nanotek Materials connects international scientists to global problems and develop green solutions within the construction industry. Our Technologies can significantly reduce emissions worldwide while saving production costs and improving the quality of cement and concrete.



Nanotek Materials, is a Canadian based innovation company specializing in the commercialization, and proliferation of sustainable and efficient technologies in the field of material sciences. We are proud to present our flagship technology to the global market, Nanocement - a revolutionary process for sustainable, low cost and, high quality cement production. Please inquire about our engineering and economic analysis services for your production facilities to quantify the technological benefits.

We look forward to providing value to all stakeholders.


Management Team:

Daniel Mazour - President & CEO


Pavel Sedach - Director of Product Development


Partner Organizations: 

Ryerson University - Toronto, ON

Science Discovery Zone at Ryerson University - Toronto, ON

Monacotech Start Up Incubator - Monaco

Board of Directors:

Vladimir D. Mazour - Chairman & Managing Partner

November 2017 Nanotek Materials was selected to join the Monaco Tech Start Up Incubator

The Incubator & Accelerator Program for startups, created by the Monegasque State earlier this year and under the direction of Fabrice Marquet, approved 10 files out of 105 presented, bringing the total number of startups to 15 that will be welcomed at the Fontvieille premises. Five projects were selected during the first selection jury in July...

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Tel:  +1 647 256 3523  |  +33 6 07 93 86 54


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