Our Nanotechnology Revolutionizes the Production of Cement and concrete


Nanotek Materials presents: Nanocement, a remarkable new technology in the construction industry. We are transforming the existing standards of high-quality, sustainable cement and concrete production.




  • Reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2 , NO2, SO2) by 65% 
  • Fuel consumption reduction


Lower Production Costs

  • Up to 70% clincker substitution with quartz sand, industrial waste, slag and/or ash
  • C52.5 production cost saving of over 30% per ton



  • New cement classes up to C102.5 grade
  •  Longer shelf life over 1 year


Our patented technology, modifies Portland cement into Nanocement, a transformation in production, shifting the development strategy of the cement industry. With the Nanocement technology, there is the opportunity to reduce CO2, NOX, and SO2 emissions by 2-3 times per ton of cement and have production cost savings of over 30%. This Nanotechnology results in high performance cement and concrete, while resolving the problems of ecological sustainability, without the reconstruction of cement facilities.

No new cement clinker burning plants are required, and no new limestone and clay quarries need to be developed!

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